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Bigger is not always Obnoxious

Posted on 26th Nov 2008 @ 11:49 PM

Just image what BIG Banners do that stretch across whole retail buildings in 6-by-50 foot glory. Banners that hang down from a three-story bank building advertising free checking with bold 4-foot letters down a 25-foot sign. .

Big banners are easy to see. They are big. One day the building is just another business in a strip mall or that same old painted glass window or neon downtown; the next day a big banner has changed the visual landscape. "What is different?" asks the population, and it's the banner. Bigger is better. Big banners can't miss unless they are hung in the woods, inside, or in the unexposed alley between buildings.

Big banners are simple. In fact, they work because they are simple. Single messages, simple words, and direct appeals keep the big banner accessible to the most causal passer-by. In a car, a driver or a passenger may zip by and still catch the new sale, the grand opening, or the brand-of-the-month. Exclamation point addicts can have a field day with big banners.

Big banners are colorful. They offer a wonderful chance to jazz up a dull brick building or an aging structure. Colors rule in banners. They are king in big banners. The goal is to attract attention. They even generate excitement. Color is the key. Use a big banner's color to contrast with the businesses usual color schemes. Use colors to show change as well as having the banner announce change in its lettering.

Big banners are promotional. As a new addition to the visual landscape, they are by their very nature a demonstration of something new. The bigger the new banner the bigger the sense of promotion. Bigger is louder. Signs in the window are restricted to the size of the frame. Banners have no such restriction. They can be as big as the building.


Big banners offer flexibility. You can change a banner. A new banner can have a new message. A new banner can have new colors and new dimensions. As time passes, events and sales and promotions change. So can that big banner.

Big banners are relatively inexpensive. They hardly require research and development. The materials are readily available. Rocket scientists are not needed to make even the biggest banner. The big banners do not require the intensive work and time of an army of sign professionals. There is no major fabrication, no electrical work, and no real installation woes.

Big banners are effective and match up well in comparison to print advertising and media promotion in terms of coast. Big banners represent a fraction of the expense associated with direct mailings, TV ads, and telephone solicitation.

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