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Choosing a Custom Canopy

Posted on 23rd Dec 2008 @ 12:06 AM

Choosing A Custom Canopy

Custom printed outdoor canopies and event tents are used for outdoor promotions and as booths at trade shows, among other purposes. outdoor canopies and canopy tents can be custom printed with your company logo and graphic designs, making a striking presentation to the public of your business.

The first item that you will want to consider before you purchase a pop up canopy or canopy tent is what you will be using the tent or canopy for, and an appropriate size for whatever activities you have planned. If the plan is to have the public walk into the tent or underneath the cover, you will want to think about what other equipment and supplies will be housed there as well, in order to determine the correct size tent or canopy. If you are putting together a booth for a trade show, you might have a tent or canopy with half walls, keeping the public outside the covered area, yet making it easy for you to work inside the tent and engage with potential customers. Different sizes of outdoor canopies and pop up tents are available, ranging from five by five feet all the way up to ten by twenty feet.

Different shapes of pop up tents are also available. Hexagonal shaped tents are available in ten foot and twenty foot sizes, depending on your needs. Many people select a square shaped tent, and if you are a person walking around a trade show, it gets a little monotonous after a while. A hex tent is a slightly different shape, and will catch the public's attention just because it looks a bit different from the rest.

Of course, no pop up canopy or canopy tent need look ordinary. Custom artwork and graphic designs are available to dress up your pop up tent with flair. Your company logo, plus any pictures, graphics and lettering are readily available, and able to be custom designed to your exact specifications for application on a tent or canopy.

You can also find a custom canopy in any number of wonderful colors. You can match your company colors and logo easily, so that the fabric used in the tent's roof and walls complement or contrast the graphic designs as you wish.

Another idea to consider when you are choosing a custom canopy or tent is the ease of set up and tear down. If you are attending several events over the course of several months, you want something that is easy to deal with. Canopies and tents that pop up literally snap into shape as you unfold them, with little work on your part.

Although there are several factors to consider when selecting outdoor canopies and tents, you will find a custom design and style to suit every need.